Disclosure of Draft Reports for Consultation

NWEDC has prepared draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) document. Through this disclosure, company expects feedbacks, comments or any other relevant suggestions from concerned stakeholders including local community of project affected area, and public of Rasuwa district on issues envisioned in the ESIA draft report prepared for Upper Trishuli-1, 216 MW. The attached document includes draft Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan, draft Indigenous Peoples Development Plan, draft Gender Action Plan, draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Grievance Redressal Mechanism & 4 draft plans (Disaster Management Plan, Nepal Employment and Skill Training Plan, Nepal Industrial Benefit Plan & Local Benefit Sharing Plan) mandated by Power Development Agreement (PDA) with GON. The executive summary of draft ESIA has also been made available in Nepali Language.

The purpose of this disclosure is to maintain transparency of company’s activities aligned with lender’s requirement, and to help minimize potential risks during construction and operation phase of the project.

Contact Information:
1. Mr. Bo Seuk Yi (Chief Executive Officer)
2. Mr. Joon-hyung Kim (Managerial Director)
3. Mr. Ashok Baniya (E & S Manager)

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UT1-LALRP Draft Report for Public Consultation March 2018

UT-1 Non-Technical Updated ESIA - Combined Report

Summary ESIA UT1 Nepali Consultation

Summary ESIA UT1 English Consultation

UT1-LALRP ExecSum Public Consultation

IPDP UT-1 Consultation Draft

Gender Action Plan UT-1 Consultation Draft

Skill Training Plan Main Report

Local Benefit Sharing Plan Main Report

Industrial Benefit Plan Main Report

Disaster MP Main Report

SEP GRM UT1 Consultation Draft


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