A warm welcome to our website www.nwedcpl.com. NWEDCPL stands for Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Private Limited. It is an energy utility company specialized in hydropower development. NWEDCPL was established with the intention of encouraging foreign investment to work in the area of hydropower in Nepal.

Currently NWEDCPL is developing 216 MW Upper Trishuli – 1 Hydroelectric Project in Rasuwa District of Nepal that will annually generate 1501 GWh of hydro-electricity and supply to the National Grid of Nepal to meet the ever increasing demand of the country. Nepal is blessed with huge potential of water resources with its steep surface topography with perennial rivers hurling down from Himalayan Range. Hydropower is major source of electricity in Nepal. World's 3.4% of energy comes from hydroelectricity. Nepal has a theoretical generating potential of producing 83,000MW of hydroelectricity and techno-economically generating potential of 42,000 MW. Today, country produces less than 1% of the theoretical potential. Despite the vast generating potential, not all resources have been utilized. Chronic shortage of electricity is affecting agriculture, industrial sector and services sector, while many houses have no electricity. To meet this demand, Government of Nepal has adopted liberal policy to attract private investment for the development of Hydropower projects in Nepal. Hydropower Act 2049 has established strong legal framework for the development of hydropower involving private sector initiatives.

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